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Commodore 64

Ah.. the good old days of the Commodore 64 back in the 1980's. Many an hour invested tinkering with that machine..

In summer 2011, I suddenly had the urge to resurrect a text-based adventure game that I wrote when I was 13. Originally, it was written on an RML380, but then I ported it onto the vic-20, and then onto the Commodore 64.

Thanks to the wonder of the modern world of IT (the Internet, new programming languages, c64 enthusiasts writing emulators, developing hardare..) my program has come back to life! It's amazing that the floppy disks still could be read 25 years after they were last used.

Anyway, if you have Java installed, it should be running on this web page, right now. (See the bottom of this page)

It's called 'The Golden Castle'. Strange title, for a strange adventure..

In text-based adventures, you interact with the program by typing brief English phrases such as:

get bottle

throw axe

..and so on. To move around the world, you type commands like:

go north

Have a go.. and please don't laugh too much at spelling mistakes and grammatical errors - after all, I was only 13 when I wrote this!

A couple of hints for this adventure - don't drink the contents of the bottle, and if you find yourself in an old fireplace try going up to see what you discover.


The golden castle

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