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Yikes! Zombies! Shoot 'Em

What could be more satisfying than blasting walking corpses with a variety of weapons? Yikes! Zombies! Shoot 'Em! is a fast paced 2D shooter for Android. It also runs in a browser if you are on a PC

Download Yikes! Zombies! Shoot 'Em! for Android here

Got a PC? Play the browser-based version here

Yikes! Zombies! Hide!

This is the March 2012 release of our new zombie-themed game. Let me know what you think!

Download Yikes! Zombies! Hide! for Windows here

Some other video games

In the spring of 2008, I decided that there are certain video games which everyone should write. So I did some googling, and then had a go. All these games run under Windows (and they can be persuaded to work with Linux, see the download links below.) They all use the rather wonderful Allegro game programming library.

Chart my progress here! The very first thing I wrote was a simple snake game, which isn't worth publishing. Then I moved on to write Blitz, followed by a Tetris clone, a Pacman clone, a "miner" game, and now something strange called Drip! Enjoy!



Windows download

Linux download


Based on the ancient vic-20 game. Flatten the city!

Blitz for Windows



My take on the classic puzzle game.

Tomtris for Windows

Tomtris for Linux (Ubuntu 8.04 or newer)


My version of the famous dot-munching maze game. Updated and improved in December 2009.

Zacman for Windows

Zacman for Linux (Ubuntu 8.04 or newer)

Harry & the quest for the Aztec gold

Following the spirit of the great 'miner' games of the 1980's.

Harry for Windows

Harry for Linux (Ubuntu 8.04 or newer)


Something completely different - tell me what you think!

Drip for Windows

Francesca (Windows/ Winboard version)

Here, you can download the Winboard version of Francesca, the chess playing program I have written. Please note, to run this version of Francesca, you must download and install Tim Mann's Winboard program.



Windows download

Linux download

Francesca M.A.D v0.20

The latest version of Francesca, my chess playing program. Released Jan 2019

Francesca v0.21


Any comments about any version of Francesca are welcome! Please feel free to email tom@silentshark.co.uk with your feedback.

To help you get Francesca up and running under Winboard, I've added a Francesca Quick Start page.


You can download Roger, a fortune-like program which spouts irrelevant statements here. Roger was inspired by the once-funny magazine, Viz. It may appeal to your sense of humour. Then again, it may not. Only runs on old machines, DOS 6.2 and early versions of Windows