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Chess, and computer chess links

Play online chess at chess.com

A great site for playing chess online

Talkchess computer chess forum

Interesting computer chess discussions take place here

Chesswar and Openwar

Olivier, who runs this site does a great job in running various computer vs computer tournaments

Tim Mann's Homepage

Homepage of Tim Mann, author of the wonderful Winboard program

Arena Chess

Arena is a free chess GUI, and a great alternative to Winboard

Frank Quisinsky's Winboard Site

Frank Quisinsky's computer chess site

Paul Verhelst's Chess Programming Page

Excellent information on computer chess programming

Dr. Andy Walker's Chess Programming Page

More detail on chess programming techniques

IT security links


Good reference site for all things security related


SANS (System Administration and Network Security)


GIAC (Global Information Assurance Certification) - security training/ qualifications offered by SANS

The Register

General IT and Internet news site

Other links

Allegro.cc site

Great site for learning more about Allegro, the game programming library

Engine Developments Ltd.

Engineering company I worked for until Sept. 2000 (website originally designed and implemented by myself, redesigned circa 2002)


Interesting algorithms developed by MIT hackers back in the 1960's and 70's

Mame Homepage

Information about MAME, an arcade emulator for the PC

AEI Rugby Football Club

AEI RFC, the team I used to play for